What happens to my site when the Site Plan expires?

Help me understand the new pricing model.

If I buy the Site Plan for x months only, publish the site to a custom domain www.example. What happens to the site after x months?

I get that I won’t be able to edit it & it will remain in my dashboard (but locked). Will it still exist on on www.example.com?

Hi @cgtk

Your website will no longer remain online when you cancel a site hosting plan. Therefore, you will need to have an ongoing site plan to continue to attach a Webflow project to your domain. However, you will still be able to publish to a webflow.io subdomain with a made-in Webflow badge without a site plan.

Thank you for the reply.

Does this mean I can continue to use the editor to edit the contents of the expired site? With the limitation being that I can only publish to webflow.io subdomain with Webflow badge.

Hi @cgtk,

That is correct, although you’ll only be able to work within the limitations of your workspace and you won’t be able to publish a site utilising CMS or e-commerce.

If I have like 5 pages for my website and my subscription is over will I be still able to edit the pages or access the pages after the subscription.

Сan you tell me where it is possible to find the answer to this question?