Publishing site on custom domain + SSL


I am trying to publish my website on a custom domain but it doesn’t work. (It has been 3 days now) Status is “Issues detected” for the the default custom domain (www.*) and connected for a second domain

All values in the other hand are filled accordingly to the tutorial

Is there something I am doing wrong ?

Also, Does enabling SSL provides a SSL certificate even for custom domains or does it work only for * websites ?

Here is my site Read-Only:

You’ve entered that as a TXT record rather than a CNAME record

It is what webflow asked for

And yes, I wonder why, in all tutorial videos, it normally asks only for a CNAME but in my case, it gives both a CNAME and a TXT

Did you have a website on that domain hosted somewhere else previously? There are two A records there that may be conflicting with your Webflow setup. If they were from the previous website, I would remove them and see if that fixes the problem. Make sure to write them down in case you need to put them back.

Hey @OmarZerhouni . Did you solve this problem? I’m having the exact same issue using Gandi.