Problem with the integration of the domain

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Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well.

I already asked via email to the support and I don’t have any solution, the DNS are propagated in GoDaddy since a lot of days and I already purchased the site plan.

I want to ask why I’m still having trouble to vinculate my custom domain, I already pasted the codes of Webflow in my host (Godaddy)

These are the codes requested by Webflow :

These are the codes that I pasted into GoDaddy :

This ones is a the message that says when i Press “Verify domain”

I also tried the quick connect domain and first says :

And then appears this message :


I pasted them since Wednesday 13 December, almost one week ago, if anyone can see the screens and tell me which is the problem to solve this, I will be grateful.

The Weblfow TXT Name requested is _webflow.www but it looks like from your GoDaddy screenshots that it’s missing the .www - maybe that is your issue?

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