Publishing content with logic to a specific logic-created CMS?

Is it possible to create a logic flow that submits content to a CMS collection in user page profile that are both user generated by logic?

Example: I would like people to make profiles and submit content in 2 CMS collections, one everyone can see (where everyone’s submissions are), and one only the user can see.

If you’re trying to dynamically create a CMS collection per-user, that’s not practical for a lot of reasons. If you have two collections “public profile” and “private user data”, then the create-problem is solved but you have no means to link the data to your user, to access it as a user-specific view, or to retrieve it from other users.

The only way around this is to keep all of your user data externally, e.g. in Xano. Or to build a reverse proxy that can control and filter your data more securely.

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