Filtering CMS based on form input

Hi there!

We’re trying to create a year-in-review landing page for our newsletter subscribers. We’d like them to land on a page where they find a form, and once they input their email address they get redirected to a CMS Collection page based on their email.

Not sure if we can do this maybe with flows? Have tried it, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Is there a solution for this?

Thank you so much!

Hi Lavinha, no you can’t do this with Logic flows.
Are you saying that you’d have a different CMS page for each user based on their email?

It can be done, but there are a few challenges;

  • Determining if the email is known
  • Keeping personally identifiable info ( PII ) safe, legally. You don’t want email addresses in the URL, the sitemap, google search results…
  • Creating and managing those user-specific pages ( automation from a newsletter system? )
  • Security, if there is any personal or confidential info on those pages at all

Assuming you’ve considered all of that, the way I’d do it is-

  • User enters email
  • One-way hash to a unique string that is no longer an email
  • Make that slug-friendly
  • Redirect to that slug

For detection, you’d need a lookup table and JS to check for that user’s existence. If not you’d display a nice “we don’t know that email” message.

Note that if this is going out as a newsletter, you may be better off personalizing the links from the newsletter directly to skip all of this. At that point, you know Bob’s ID is b2351ds, and you just link to his page from the newsletter.