Publish to a custom domain

Hello everyone,

I was hoping to get a little assistance with publishing a new site through webflow.

I currently have a custom domain set up using webflow but I seem to be stumped and can’t figure out how to publish the new site I have to the custom domain that is already live. Essentially, I want to over ride the old webflow site with the new one I have built with webflow.

This seems so basic, but for whatever reason, I am unable to figure it out.

Any help would be much appreciated.


What do you mean by override? The webflow subdomain for your site cannot be removed. You can make your project publish to your additional domain.

Hey Sam,

Thanks for helping out here!

Override might be the wrong way to describe what I’m looking to do. Do I need to ‘un-publish’ my current webflow site that is pointing to my custom domain and then publish the new site to that domain?


That is not necessary (you can’t remove your the webflow subdomain either).

What you can do is prevent search engines from reaching it, under Site Setting > SEO > Disable Subdomain Indexing

Hi Sam,

Thank you for all of your help!

I was able to figure it out.


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