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Published website still exports deleted assets?


I just published my website and ran it with page speed insights, and I just noticed that webflow still hosts deleted assets. They kind of slow down the speed of my website, the total size of assets that I no longer use is 23 mb.

Is there a way to clear them? They no longer are in my asset library and I double-checked my website and they don’t appear anywhere.

Here is my read site:

Here is a screenshot of the assets.

Has anyone else experienced this also? Is there a way to access the host source and delete them there?

It is impossible to delete files that were uploaded to assets library once. This is so that you are able to restore a backup with these assets still in use.

okay! But is there a way to not have them export with my site? They are currently not used

I think the only way is to manually delete them after export.

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