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Published Mobile is practically unusable

So I finally published my website and it’s been very surprising to see how completely different it is from the preview.

It’s all pretty bad, but my main issues are with the footer not expanding the whole width of the screen. And the whole “Portfolio” page is completely unresponsive, it’s a similar layout to the homepage but idk what it’s doing.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - nodamagefficial
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The preview shows your site at a specific viewport. Based on your preview your site should not be responsive

You don’t have a container
Your slider width is set to 33%

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lol_no is 100% correct. There mobile view webflow is showing you can’t help you, because there’s no reason for your elements to be next to each other on the site–there’s no container.

And because there’s no container, whose overflow should be set to hidden, your phone is attempting to show every element at once, and you’re ending up with a page larger than the 320px breakpoint. Invest in a container!

I see! Thank you for elaborating on what lol_no said. I’ll give that a shot, do you know what. could be going on with the footer?

I’m not entirely sure, as it’s difficult to see where it’s going wrong based off of the images you sent. One thing I’d suggest in trying to set the width of the homepage section footer symbol to 100%, or setting it to AUTO to see if that helps.
In that second image you posted, is that the site zoomed out a ton?