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Ability to use Reference fields with Zapier/CMS API

Hi @cjroe, that is correct, at the moment, the CMS API which the zapier integration is based, does not yet support reference fields. The dev team is working on solutions for this but I do not have a timeline yet.

At the moment, you will still have to create your reference values manually until newer updates to the Phase 1 CMS API are pushed out.

Okay. Please let us know when you have a timeline for this. Also, how would I create the reference value manually?

Hi @cjroe, to create the reference manually, you would go into the Collection Editor in the designer or via the CMS editor and update those collection items with the proper references.

By manual, I mean, it is not automated via API or Zapier yet.

I hope this helps.

Hi all,

I am very close to complete a Zapier integration but for some reason I am still getting an error message

Thanks in advance

I’ve had nothing but trouble with the Zapier integrations. Different errors and new ones pop up all the time.

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Wait so you’re saying the Zapier integration is completely broken? How are we supposed to create live CMS items through it?

Hi @md673 if you’re having any issues with your Zapier integrations can you please make a post with more information under the CMS API category and tag me @Waldo in your post?

@cjroe just to be clear the Zapier integration is not broken, but the end point for Reference Fields in CMS items will take more time to build out. The recommendation from @cyberdave was to keep the Zap going but to leave out the Reference field binding data from the Zap as it will throw errors until we build out that more complex endpoint.

I just added this to the Webflow Wishlist:

Okay, I’m fine with manually adding a reference id. However, Webflow doesn’t show a collection id anywhere on the admin so I can’t even get access to the string. Also, if we can’t reference a collection than how is not broken? That’s throwing an error in Zapier.

@cjroethat seems unrelated to the issue above. I’d be happy to help you further if you’re having an issue with your Zaps, can you send me a DM with more information, including screenshots, a description of what you’re trying to do, and your site read-only link if you can’t share it in a separate discussion?

Thanks in advance!

It’s the exact issue as above. That error from Zapier is trying to access ItemRef which doesn’t work for some reason… that was the exact issue I was having.

I already have and nobody has responded.

@cjroe @md673 I’ll need to take a look at what you’re trying to configure exactly.

Could you please send me your read-only link and screenshots of the collection field and the Zapier settings you’re trying to configure?

Please be sure to follow this guide for the CMS Zap setup:

Also did you send in a message to us @md673? I’m having trouble finding one, that definitely sounds odd as you should receive a response right away :grimacing: please feel free to DM me with your information or follow up here with your sites Read-Only link and a screenshot of your collection/Zap setup.

Thanks in advance!

I’ll get more details tomorrow. Here’s the post…

@md673 Thank you very much for letting me know! Looks like that one may have been a bug but is difficult to tell without extra information, I replied to the thread, can we please continue the discussion there? :bowing_man:

@waldo This still hasn’t been fixed and it’s blocking me from posting any blog posts. I need to reference a category field that has the “topic” for a post and I can’t do it because Zapier is throwing an error from Webflow’s server.

Can you please flag this as a bug and put it to high priority considering it’s blocking the fundamental use of Webflow’s Zapier Actions? References are literally broken.

Thank you so much @cjroe we have an enhancement request open for this and I’ll update this issue as soon as I have more information. For now you’ll still need to use the manual publishing method as the current workaround.

Thanks @waldo. Do let me know when an update is released for this. Would really like to use Zapier with Webflow to publish posts with references.

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