Publish two diferent websites on one license

Hello I want to create two lading pages, each one with its own custom domain.
Lets assume those sites are very minimal, the only requirement is custom domain and SSL.
Both websites are mine so I dont have needs to add more users or anything like that.

So because I will need the custom domain I will need at least the Basic plan, but will i need to buy two licenses or just one to publish those two websites?

Generally, yes, you need a hosting plan per site.
However if the sites are;

  • Very simple, no CMS, etc.
  • Not updated often, so you can afford extra work publishing them

Then you might consider just exporting them for a cheaper hosting approach somewhere else.

If you want to host them on Webflow ( e.g. CMS, or easy updates ), and it will be a single site design but multiple different “homepages”, like a collection of click-funnel landing pages- then the approach I’d use is to build them as a single site and use a reverse proxy to handle the isolation of each page to a single domain name.