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I’m referring to the new update and the Webflow blog article that states ‘…you can add a domain…’

Does this mean I can add sub domains to my Webflow hosted custom domain. eg have my templates in webflow show as instead of


Hi @andyuk, thanks for the question, that is possible. You just need to add a custom domain to your site, from the Hosting Tab, and add the domain as You also have to have the primary domain attached to at least one site in your dashboard.

If you will add a subdomain to a separate site, for example, site A is and site B is, there will be two separate custom domain charges of $4.99 per custom domain. If the subdomain is used on the same site as the main domain, there is no additional charge.

I hope this helps, if not, let me know. Cheers, Dave


Sort of understand, I went into the hosting tab of my custom domain, webflow hosted site and added a sub-domain of

Not really sure what to do with it. Need to publish it but can’t because I need to add DNS records, but i’ve already did this for my main domain. Even then, does this enable me to display templates (located within my Webflow dashboard) on a sub of my main domain??


Hi @andyuk, what is the main domain ? Which site is that attached to in Webflow? Are you wanting the to point to the same site as the main domain, or a different site?

If you want to use a domain like, then first setup at least one site on your site dashboard that has attached to it. Then on second site, in the hosting tab, add the domain

After doing that, you can republish your second site and the new domain should work. You already need to have DNS settings setup for the main domain to point to Webflow before you create any new subdomains… Here is our instruction for that:

If you get stuck with the domains, please contact us at

Cheers, Dave