Public Webflow Product Roadmap

It’s clear that the Webflow team is working their butts off to make Webflow better every day.

But there’s also a fair amount of frustration from users (especially paying customers) about long-promised features that they consider critical to be able to continue recommending Webflow to clients.

Something that could help is a public product roadmap.

A number of companies have them (here’s an example of one:, and it has the following benefits:

  • Webflow users could rest a little easier when they can see that features they can about are (literally) on the roadmap and making progress towards being solved

  • Users could offer useful feedback on how Webflow is prioritizing certain features. While this might not always be comfortable, it would be awesome for the entire community to have greater clarity about which features are higher up in priority and why

  • Introduces a measure of accountability and transparency to the customers that would be hugely appreciated

This “roadmap” doesn’t need to be as inetnse as a Trello Board, and it wouldn’t even need to have timelines. Even just a Google Doc with a ranked list of product priorities would be amazing.


Great suggestion @quartey !

The new wishlist roadmap is here.