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Showing upcoming updates for Webflow(Webflow Roadmap)

I just seen this and thought this was pretty amazing!!! I think you guys do a great job here at Webflow and I think something like this would be a great addition to the member forums!!

This is the Shoprocket roadmap showing, updates they recently have done, updates they are working on, and updates they plan for the near future! I think this addition to the member forums would ease a lot of minds on the forum and give us designers an idea of upcoming capabilities that we can offer our clients in the near future.

The fact that shoprocket has this, increases the chance that I will use them since I can see something tangible that they are/will be working on.

Any thoughts or in favor of’s?


They will learn the hard way!
Also will be nice to have the chance to vote for what features come first.

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Active Collab does a same thing, see: