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Transparency of Webflow development

On several occasions, in this forum, the issue of transparency of Webflow development, has been brought. While Webflow do keep us informed through the Wishlist, the webinars and the quarterly blog updates, there’s still some more to be desired.

It is understandable that Webflow cannot and should not be completely transparent for reasons, such as keeping commercial secrets or not making promises they cannot guarantee they would keep up. At the same time, users need to know whether certain features would appear and how far in the future, even at ballpark estimates. This is important for planning future projects, deciding what pricing plan to invest into, etc.

Therefore, obviously, looking for a golden mean, where Webflow would actually build upon their current level of transparency, I would like to suggest a special roadmap page, which visually (Webflow is a visual tool, after all) summarizes what has already been said in the forementioned Wishlist announcements, webinars and blog posts. Currently, even when information on future plans is available, it is too scattered.

Then Webflow could place a contact form on that same page, where registered, paying users could ask for more in-depth information. Knowing who is actually asking, Webflow would be able to decide whether to reveal further information and to what extent.

I also have a small suggestion for one of the optional visual layouts of that roadmap: The focus, in this particular layout, is on making clear which planned futures cover the core value proposition of Webflow and which ones radiate around it.