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Roadmap of upcoming features?


Finally decided to go ahead and get a paid plan and I’m really happy with it so far :smile:

Now I’ve been on the forums for a couple of days now and there is a lot of talk about upcoming features, templates etc.

I was wondering if there is any kind of public roadmap for us users so that we can see roughly when features are going to come out and what stuff is coming soon.

Also is there a Webflow blog?



A Webflow blog would really be awesome. Showing off featured examples, tutorials, road maps, portfolios and the shaping of the web world. I’m all for it.

I need to add my comment to this thread as well. It’s a little tough to put my faith in a growing system when I don’t really know the direction that it’s trying to go in. I don’t know what the future holds for javascript integration, CMS development, even if ID’s will be included… A rough roadmap would be great for us people that really like the platform and want to help it grow, but don’t have complete trust in the future of the plat

I understand your concern @rchrdnsh. All I can say is we’re building a platform that will have everything that you will ever need. We always mention what we are currently working on on the forums, but some things we want to keep a secret. I know you won’t be disappointed. We’ve considered a public roadmap. Maybe later this year.

Blog is also coming soon!

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Well Sergie, if you ever wanna throw an NDA my way, please don’t hesitate :slight_smile: