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Public Profile information won't save!

Hi friends!

I’m trying to update my public profile and the Save Changes button will not save my changes. When I go to click save I get the lovely circle crossed out button, and it doesn’t work.
Any thoughts? Am I missing a step?

My profile is all sad and empty as a result.

Hi @emilygillis

Are you still having this issue?

Hi! Yes I am, any suggestions?

can you send a screenshot so I can see what the issue might be?

Sure, here’s what it looks like when I hover over the Save Changes button, clicking it also does nothing.

Woops, I was hoping a print screen would keep the mouse in, but it just shows up with one of these guys

Hi @emilygillis :slight_smile: Unless you are the Real Ali G, try to put at least two characters in the last name field :smile:

Let me know if you have any issues :slight_smile: Cheers,

Haha, thanks Dave, you’re a wizard!

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