Public Profile Not Saving

My public profile will not save. I have my first name, last name, and username filled in. I included a screenshot of the error I am receiving. Thank you for your help in advance!


Same here - why is it not working? I couldn’t find anything on the University page about public profile requirements or limitations that could trigger that error… It just doesn’t save it when I enable it.

Same here!

Please help before someone else takes it!

I recently had this issue as well, and if your account is new, here is what their support had to say:

"The option to have your profile as public is limited at the start when creating a brand new account, as this is to protect the showcase from spam and also for security reasons.

After there is a certain amount of activity in the account with building website projects and working in the Designer, and after your account demonstrates activity, then the option becomes available.

Please create a project in your individual account, and then wait a few more days, and if you have further issue after a few more days of working in Webflow please let us know and we can try to help further."

If you just opened an account, you will need to create a project and begin using the service before you can make your profile public.

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