Change emails on "Send form submissions to"


I am trying to change the default “Send form submissions to” emails and they are not saving.

Every time I change the email (from management@) to events@ and hit Save, it does not take.

I tested the forms and it does not work – email still goes to management@
To confirm the issue, when I look back at the setting it still shows management@

I have tried saving dozens of times.
Even published to the Staging domain ( to get it to work.
I tried deleting and saving new emails.
I tried deleting all but one email.
I tried all the combos I could think of
I turned off all logic with emails in it (just to see if it is effecting it)

… nothing changed. Just stays as it looks in the image

Help, please.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]

Hey John, welcome to the forum.
The process is simple-

  • Change the email address
  • Click the little save button in that section, these are hard to see
  • Republish

If you’ve done that then it’s a system bug, not a problem with what you’re doing. You’d have to contact Webflow’s support department to sort that out.

One thing you could try is the standard “my web app isn’t working” process… clear you browser cache, disable any chrome extensions, try it from a different machine, try it from a different network. Webflow’s support will likely request you do those anyway.

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@memetican, thank you.

Yup. It was me overlooking the save button.
I feel like everytime I go away from Webflow and come back I have to re-remember this.

For others who see this comment, it is here:

“my web app isn’t working” process
Yeah, I hate going nuclear on my browser or trying other devices to solve a problem (especially when it is not the cause or the fix), so finding the issue prior to that step is much appreciated. Love the choice of words, too… “my web app isn’t working” process … that is elegant and exact. :laughing:

Thanks, again.

You’re not the only one, it still bites me regularly in the new admin UI, it’s so blended in.
IIRC in the old UI it changed color usefully when a save action needed to be completed.

Glad you sorted it out.

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I always believe I am the only one.
“Designers design everything perfectly. If the user can not find the perfect thing they designed, it is because that user is John” ~ I think that was Don Norman :rofl:

Thanks again.