Facing problem with saving changes

I’m experiencing serious problems with saving changes. My profile’s data are not saving and it;s not showing publicly also. What is the reason of this issue? Someone kindly guide me how to solve this issue.

@Hasib_Chor - welcome to the community :slight_smile:

We’ll need some more detail about exactly what you are experiencing to help. Screenshots and sharing your read-only link are a good start.



Here is my link: https://webflow.com/hasibchor

The changes are not saving

@Hasib_Chor - that link goes to a 404 and is not a properly formatted Webflow link, these are always hosted on webflow.io or a custom domain.

See this thread: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link - #18

this not my project link this is my account profile link.

@Hasib_Chor - I see, I’m also getting this message:

It appears this may be an issue with Webflow, you should reach out to support or just wait for the issue to resolve.

Although changes to my profile if I don’t try to make it public are saving.

Okay, I have mailed them