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Psiu Puxa — Space themed wallpapers for your device

Hi there! I have finished my personal project about space wallpapers. It’s called Psiu Puxa. It was a funny challenge for me, because I have made over 90 pages in webflow and it’s not the limit. =) Here it is Feedback is appreciated.


I’m loving it so far. It’s minimal and dark. Good use of fonts and smooth interactions.
Well done sir. I will definitely
be downloading a few images. Wish you had some 3840x1080 as well though!

Hi Alex, awesome design. Great effort and an initiative worth spreading.

Two points:

  1. I’d put the “? About” in a scrollable header on desktop, making it
    visible during scrolling in the topleft corner.
  2. I’d change font color of the .description-text & .resolution-text to “#979797” for
    greater readability

Thank you guys!

@Hamzster Retina resolution backgrounds for desktop will be added later. I promise you =)

@Diu I have been in doubt about the font color. And now I’m not ) . I will change it to #979797. Tnx!

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