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Newbie question


sorry if my questions sound ilogical or stupid. i’m a totally newbie.

now, when i start building a website i understand always need to define first a section, then put a container an then star inserting colums, divs, etc.
but, can i use just columms or div-blocks inside without using containers? i would like to make a layout with three colums, the middle one dynamic and left and the other 2 fix… for example:

is this possible to do with webflow?

It’s not mandatory but this is quite the logic of Webflow, and ends up producing logical, clean code.

You can do what you want, ditch sections and containers if you like.

HTML5 elements have tags (section, article, navbar etc). Webflow adds some autimatically when you use the widgets, but you can put them manually using the settings tab Tag feature. Google HTML5 tags to learn how to use them.

You can also not put tags at all, your website will work the same way, but would possibly have SEO issues and accessibility issues.

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