Designer wont load, stuck on 75%

So I am helping my mates making a website in Webflow and first of all as a squarespace user this is insanely overcomplicated and dumb in compare, its just so much stuff you do not need and i understand why they told me to help but now I got back from holiday and the meny got lost, its just gone i tried to fix it but now it wont even load designer ?? why is this so bad ?.,

Is there anyway to fix this ? i cant publish the site anymore I get error, and it wont load designer, I am so close to just close the account and move everything to Squarespace as it is just much easier to maintain and work in … so what do I do ?

here is the link it might not even work lol since its so broken I tried sending a email to support but I have no clue if they will even get it.

Just very frustrated now and I am not enjoying this at all, and I want to help them but I dont understand what went wrong nor why the meny even dissapeared ??.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The preview isn’t loading either for me, also stuck on 75% which means it’s an internal problem.
You cannot send email directly to support, instead you use this-

Yep, Webflow has a steep learning curve for people who are unfamiliar with it. I describe it as being in the category of photoshop. Great for people who really need pixel-level control. Total overkill for people who don’t.