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Help with animation for first potential bit of work!

Hi folks. Wondering if anyone can help me replicate the following from an amazing site on the webflow designs section. (

It’s the second section from the top. A kind of conveyor belt of images that continually scrolls across the page. At first I thought a simple slideshow with a little fine-tuning, but then realised I wasn’t able to show a lot of images on the page simultaneously. Although maybe with a little coding?

Then i started to think it may be the horizontal scrolling effect but amending the users ability to move off-center from the page, accompanied with interaction to make it scroll constantly? Maybe again some coding to make this continually loop?

Am I overcomplicating this? Any help would be incredible. I really need this to add a section on the below link to try to win my first bit of work. It would be perfect for displaying a lot of their seafood dishes.

Link to page with interaction:

If anyone has any improvements or noticeable things that need changed to this page as well, that would be amazing. New to this and a little nervous to send it across to try and win the work. Nearly finished so any tips and advice would be awesome!

Thanks so much!



you might try and implement something like Slick

Hi Spirelli. One of the continuous slides I want for the interaction is on the link you gave me. So thank you so much. Embarrassingly however, I’m not great at coding. Just started to learn web design a few months ago and just starting up with coding. I can use this handy link in the future for my sliders though, so thank you again. :pray:t3:

I tried to just manipulate the timing on the built in slider but it goes a little crazy! Bit like me with my lack of ability to code right now! Hampers some designs I want to do.

Found a workaround for this one with simple fine tuning of an interaction. It can be found here: CREATE AN INFINITE LOOP IN WEBFLOW IN 5 MIN - YouTube

Not finished yet, but perfect for displaying menus and maybe ecommerce items etc.

Hey folks! Anyone know how I could tell a div block for one of the menu cards, to stop the interaction scroll from the main card/carousel holder? Is this only via code?

Thanks in advance for any help.