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Turning regular pages into product pages? Not templated pages

So I designed all of my individual products pages before setting up the Ecommerce part of the site… I’ve now discovered that I’m supposed to create a product page template and use the CMS to populate it.

Problem is - all of my pages are very different, they were designed to be individual sales pages and a template won’t suit. They need to be all treated as completely unique pages, not slight variations of the same template. (There’s different layouts, content and custom code on each page.) How do I go about doing this? Is there a way to just make my current pages into product pages or something?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Megan,

Got the same problem in my design process. Thank you to ask the question and I’m waiting someone sugesting solutions because it seems it’s not actually available. One products template and that’s it ! On the other hand you may keep your pages (if there are not too much) and restric only one product in the CMS collection. Don’t know if this work at the end.

Thank you to share if you find solutions.

Hey! Yes it’s strange to me - I thought you would be able to add an ‘add to cart button’ to any page. I found this video which sooooort of helped but it’s a workaround not a solution -

Check it out, it might work for you?

Hi @megan0 and @Manu66

unfortunately at the moment you can only design a single Product Template page that will be automatically populated with your Product data.

One way to adjust the design based on the individual Product, would be to utilize conditional visibility and filters, but i completely understand it’s mostly for making small adjustments and not for creating completely unique designs.

You could also explore creating static pages, adding a Collection List with Products + filtering each of them to a single Product, but it seems really tedious and you’ll lose all the benefits of the dynamic aspect of Template pages (automatically populated with dynamic data, proper slugs, etc.). I wouldn’t recommend it for a store that has more than a handful of Products.

If you think this might be something worth adding as a feature, please add it to our Wishlist so we can better prioritize what functionality we’ll be working on:

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

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Please help me out, I do not know if I really need different product pages, I thought I do, but if you can help me out maybe not. So this is my situation, we will start our website with two different types of products. Speaking of the better way to display the photos I have found that for the first type of them, the best way is to use one simple big image + a 15 pics slider; but for the second one the best way is utilizing a Tabs element with maybe 5 pictures. I have checked how it looks in the different screen sizes and it would be difficult to use both solutions at the same time, so I would rather use the best solution for each type. But how?