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Can not create product page

Im a newbie to Webflow, Im also not very cleaver.
I have created a product template page for my Ecom website.
I have not yet added a hosting plan and am running with the 2 pages allocated for testing webflow.
The product template looks and feels great.
I would like to use this as a product page. I can not figure out how to do this.
I have tried to make a new static product page.
I can not seem to link any of the information from the template in there.
(The purple boxes are not showing up)
When I try to add to cart button it says that these can only be added to a product page or a product collection.

I have tried to read everything I can. I have watched the online tutorials, they only seem to be about creating the product template.

I would like to make a static product page with an add to cart button that is not the template page.

If there is any one out there who would not mind explaining it to me I would be very grateful. I have tried to do this now for over 18 hours of looking and trying.
Sorry for being a klutz.

you can look at the 2 pages here. I do not know how to allow you to look at the templates.

Here is the share link

First; stop beating yourself up. Everyone has to learn the hard way here. No one was born with the knowledge of web design.

Second; relax.

Third; templates and pages are really separate things. The templates are “free” pages generated from the cms and can only be accessed from a reference to a collection. Pages are pages that can be accessed from anywhere in your website.

Forth; the forum is going to be your new best friend.

Figure out how to share a link to your site. It’s usually best if the forum people can see what the issues are. Also, make another “blank” site to practice the things you want to do before applying to your good web site. This way your good site won’t get messed up.

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@TheCat Thank you for your voice of confidence.

Im taking it on board.

Here is the share link to the project that I am working on.

I have a duplicate for a back up in case I mess it up.
I feel ready!

@TheCat Thank you for your voice of confidence.

Im taking it on board.

Here is the share link to the project that I am working on.

I have a duplicate for a back up in case I mess it up.
I feel ready!

So I took my issue to the Webflow support and a absolute Genius got back to by the name of @jorn.

He solved my problem and even went as far as taking screen shots to show me what I needed to include in my page to make a static page a product page.

I had some issues getting my head around exactly how to insert the collection list in to the page.

By the way that was what I needed to do if any one else is having this issue.
You have to insert your collection list into the page in the side menu where you find everything else you add to a page.
It was that simple.

@jorn even went as far to make me a video of him doing exactly that so I could see it.
What a Gee.

Any way ill add the screen shots and provide the links for the video, im not sure if it will expire but ill add it just the same.

Big thanks for allowing me to get through that hurdle.
Will be purchasing my hosting plan in the next 48 hours as I can now see it working and worth the monthly payments.

Big thanks to Webflow support for helping me through this.
Im sure that it may not of been a problem for others, but I could not solve this one so thank you.

If this is an issue that you have encountered, and this post has helped you thorough it be sure to thank Jörn :sweden:.

Video link:

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I have this exact same problem and I can’t find the solution…I have built the product and category templates and can’t figure out how to populate all the product category pages from the templates created. Do I have to pay the hosting fees before I have access to populating the pages from the templates or upgrade my membership? I have watched everything too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Here is my link