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Product variation

Hi, I’m having a bit of trouble adding a different size to my products. I have added the option in the product/cms, but im having trouble making that the customer can choose these options. Also I would like to have inventory trackment of these different sizes. Since my custome has different amounts.

To clairify further. I want the customer to be able to choose “B-böj 0.05” (thickness) but length by 0.05, 0,07 0,10, 012, 0,15.

Or do I need to make product for each variety for that? Thanks.

Here is my public share link:

Hey @Razzyy

Variations are not part of the Ecommerce BETA…

but planned for the initial release.

To achieve this now, as you asked at the end, you’ll need to created separate products for each variant. Here’s a topic that address this.

So this solution will work but can be time consuming. If at all possible, try and wait until variants are officially supported. Hope this info helps.

Hello Matthew!

I feared that that this was the case. I will have to wait for the initial release I believe. Thanks for the reply and work around.

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Damn, I’ve been following the variation issue hoping for a Beta release.
My concern in starting a project that will need variations before commercial launch is having to massively rework the project to implement variations. For this reason, I haven’t bothered even trialling ecommerce, opting instead to continue new builds in Shopify while we wait. -
Time to significantly re-work projects is a luxury we don’t have. Does anyone have any thoughts on how a retrospective implementation of variations will effect existing builds?

Yes the rework would be a lot of hassle. From 120 products instead of having 20 products is bit too much. I will wait hopefully it will be released in January or February.