Product with options and variant photo is not responsive

At 1:55 in this video, it shows a product with options. Different variant photos should populate when each option is selected as shown in the video.

This function fails not only in my own test page, but also this does not occur when viewing any of the template sites in the marketplace either. I’ve even pulled up some recent posts in this forum with variant products and the same issue occurs. The main image is always static and does not change despite a different option being selected.

I have tried using different browsers and it is happening in both chrome and safari.

At first I just though I was doing something wrong in my test site, but it happens across any template site from webflow, so that makes me think something else is happening?

Is anyone having issues with the photos of products with options not changing? I tried to research this but I’m not finding a resolution.

My product listings would require this function to operate properly. And according to that video it should work, but it doesn’t.

I may have answered my own question? Does the variant photo swap not show when in the site workspace or when toggling preview on?

I published the test page and it works on the published version, but there’s no indication it works on preview or in the workspace.

I figured preview would at least show this image swap when switching between variants?