Product Page Image Slider


I am attempting to build a webflow site for my wife but have hit a snag.

I am using the Foxy ( template as the website is going to offer users the ability to add items to a wishlist and then submit it, rather than buy products.

I have attempted to build a slider on the product page so that users can scroll through multiple images of the relevant product.

I have setup two test products with new fields called Slider Image 1 and Slider Image 2.

I have then placed a slider within the relevant column on the product page. Within the slider I have added a collection list. I have bonded the collection list to “source - products”, and then set the “collection item” for each slide to “Get BG Image from Products” and then selected the “Slider image 1” field for the first slide and the “Slider Image 2” field for the second slide.

The images are pulling through for the product that I set the slider up for, however, when I toggle to my other product the imagery in the slider doesn’t update with the new images?

I’ve linked other fields on the product page, like the product name, product description etc and they all work correctly and change when I toggle between the two products so i’m very confused?!

Any help would be much appreciated!



I would love to help, can you share your read-only link?
I’ve built a while ago an ecommerce site with Foxy and it had product image sliders.
See here

OK brilliant, this is exactly what i’m looking to do! Can I email the link to you please?


Hey Eli,

I’m looking to do the same thing, but have struggled to find any documentation on how to do this. Do you have a read only link for this or some insttructions on the webflow side? thanks!