Product Image Slider for Variants

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I am attempting to make a slider for my product page images. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this through webflow, so i’ve used finsweets custom code to make this possible. It works pretty well, but the huge caveat is that if you have product variants, the variant images do not display when filtered by the add to cart form. is there a way to force the code to run with a data attribute? For example, on the select fields add onchange=“function()”… Any guidance from the pros would be helpful as i’m not a coder!



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Actually, maybe this can be a bigger conversation around how webflow expects designers to create product pages.

On mobile, its absolutely necessary to show images within some sort of slider. There is not enough real estate to do anything else… Not being able to show the image variants is a major dealbreaker. Am I missing something? How do you dynamically show image variants within some kind of useful slider/carousel system… for the record, i’ve tried swiper.js, owl, tiny slider, finsweet… they all break when trying to accomodate the image variants

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I know right… Im struggling to believe creating a basic image slider on a product page is not possible?.. seems like one of the most common things you would need on a product page.