Product kit configurator

Hi guys,
I work on an e-commerce project for a company that produces products that go in specific pairs based on the use case of the customer. To help them pick the right products and build their own “kit” (which may include a different number of products and variations of the products) we want to create a custom shopping experience.

We are looking at whether it is possible to achieve a product kit configuration experience on Webflow similar to this example:

Is something similar to the example possible to achieve? How would you advise approaching this?

Hi @Alexander_Petrov.
Josh from Foxy here. What you’re after may be very difficult to pull of with the current stage of Webflow Ecommerce.

Fortunately, with Foxy + Webflow, this is doable. In fact, we’ve helped other Webflow users with similar needs. Mind sending us a quick email and we’ll help you get started, free of charge: Also, more info about our seamless Webflow integration can be found here:


Hi Alex,
I feel you! I use and recommend ConvertCalculator as a product configurator and I am pretty sure that you can reach what you are looking for. It is an easy tool. You can embed your product price quote calculator easily on your Webflow site.

Hello. I have similar problem. I have specific product that customer can configure. Vytvor obraz

Now it is just one product page and customer can order just one at time. I want to create shopping cart and still have option to customize the picture and ability to add new pictures that can by configurated. It is possible with foxy?