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Hey there, dear Webflowers! :pray:t4:

A client of mine (automotive industry) wants to encorporate a configurator for cars into their website. It should allow to adjust 1.) the interior fittings and 2.) the colour of the car, with a real-time preview of the selected options.

Now the big question is: How would you go about building such a configurator?

  • Can it be done solely in Webflow? If so, how?
  • Or would you recommend a third-party tool?

I’d really appreciate some suggestions and ideas of how you would approach such a prodcut configurator :pray:t4:

Best wishes,

Hi @NickiMo.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after may prove pretty difficult to do with Webflow Ecommerce since there are various limitations with variants.

That said, what you’re after is possible with our seamless integration: Our new variant setup uses Webflow CMS and supports the following:

  • Multiple levels of variants
  • Chained variant logic (ie: chosen color determines what sizes are available)
  • Real-time image display
  • Real-time price display
  • Real-time sku change
  • Real-time weight change
  • Ability to use both select fields and radio options
  • Full design control of each radio group option (can even use dynamic styling from CMS)
  • Per variant option inventory control
  • and more!

We’re finishing up the official demo and tutorial, but feel free to email us with your specific needs and we’ll do our best to get you pointed in the right direction: