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Product Description has no lines Break

My Product Description has already Bullet Point and Spaces , but that doesn’t show on my Product description and it´s driving me insane

I really like Webflow but these things should not be with no fixing for more than a year now.

Can you please provide your read-only link so I can take a peek? It’s possible that your project needs some additional adjustment as opposed to a bug within Webflow.

Hi @mikeyevin, here is the Read Only Link :

For this you’ll want to use an additional Rich Text custom field on the product collection that will serve as the place for your more robust description:


It would be nice if the product description was rich text by default (you can vote on that feature here in the Wishlist if you’d like) or allow you to toggle between plain and rich text, but for now this is the solution.

Thanks but The Rich Text doesn’t detect the product field !

This should help you out :metal:


@mikeyevin , Thank You :pray:


  1. set a custom Rich Text Field in product settings
    2.put a Rich Text Field in the web page to access the content.

These two steps have to be done together.

Either one set to “Plain Text” will result in the disappearance of missing choice in product field ; )