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Displaying text for Product with line breaks or List

We have the standard description field for our Products and that will say something like

“Sharp panelled slim cordurouy trouser with Slight ankle flare etc etc”

Clearly that is a description however elsewhere on the product page we want to display more functional information such as

  • 100 percent agitated, ‘taupe’ pinstripe wool
  • Mobility knee tucks
  • Fractal exposed clay button fly
  • Single jetted pocket at rear

Note that it should appear as seperate lines. I could create a multi field in the product and ask the store team to add each line as a seperate entry but that seems very clunky and not a great admin experience

I was hoping that they could just add the text as ione and the CMS would respect the “new lines” but it doesn’t.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how i can use a single custom field to render out some text with line breaks? Semantically it’s a list but I’d be happy if it was simply a paragraph element with new lines.

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I have used a Rich Text Field and a custom field on the Product which is of type Rich Text.

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