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Using Rich Text to insert breaks in Product Description

I’ve heard that the only way to insert line breaks in a description is using Rich text.
But whenever I insert rich text I don’t seem to have a get text from option.
Am I missing something ?

Would you be able to share your read-only link please?

Yes added it over there

Ok, so if you’re wanting to use RTF elements, you will need to set up Rich Text fields in your CMS collection. Although I can’t access your CMS collection settings (Webflow limitation using the share link), I’m willing to bet that all of the fields within your collection are plain text?

Hello @Madina,

You can add a line break on your Product description by pressing enter, but that has to be done on the product settings, here is a short video to explains what I mean a little better. I hope this helps.

Thank you! But I did try that and it seems to be glitchy, after saving it just goes back to the way it was without any breaks

@Madina, try to refresh your browser. If it still doesn’t work, change the product description from plain text to rich text. Let me know how it goes.

Whenever I try this happens

This will be because all of your CMS Item fields are plain text, not rich text. Have a look at the fields from a project of mine, you’ll notice that in brackets, they say either plain text or rich text :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how to do that with e-commerce though

Hey @Madina,

Go to your e-commerce products collection, then select the settings and you should have an “Add field” option there.

OK finally understand how this functionality works. In ecommerce the built in product description is set to plain text. So if you use a Paragraph block you can only map plain text fields to it.

As you can see basic fields it shows product description as plain text.

The custom fields will only show plain text options for a paragraph block.

In order to map a custom RTF field you should change the paragraph block to a rich text block and then you can map your custom rich text field to it.

Changing the paragraph block to rich text block allows you to have a rich text product description!

So glad I finally figured this out!

Sorry to bump this topic, but there was still no obvious answer to this.


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