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Problems with interactions (solved)

Simple interactions like responding to scroll come together with no problems, but I’m seeing continued kind of random issues with others. Maybe there’s something fundamental I’m not “getting” about how to set these up.

I’ve put together two examples of issues I’m having at: (modal)

The public link is below.

Hopefully this is just some dumb oversite on my part, but the animation one in particular just seems to fail for reasons I don’t get. It seems to have to do with interactions involving nested elements.

Little help? I’m on deadline, naturally!


Hi @ramatsu,

The animations one is related to a bug in Chrome, will post a fix for you ASAP.

UPDATE: Was able to reproduce the modal bug as well. Will see what we can do!


Thanks @danro! That animation one is similar to a lot of others I’ve run into, so with luck your Chrome fix will take care of those too. (Though some were failing in Safari as well, I’ll check on those later.)

On the modal: First, the url shouldn’t have the /modal since I changed that to the home page. But assuming you got there, after you close the modal and then click the green button a second time, is it working ok for you? When I do that, the dark div comes up, and the modal message looks like it’s coming in with it, then it goes away before the 1 second transition is done. Here’s a screencast:

Ok, we’ve pushed a fix that should resolve the Chrome issue with empty elements.

  1. - The white progress bar should fade in properly now.
  2. (modal) - The problem here was with your custom JavaScript.
    If you remove, the modal will work.

Thanks for the bug reports! Let us know if you can isolate the Safari bug. :space_invader:


Wow, thanks @danro! Sorry about the self-inflicted issue with the modal - that was some custom js that’s probably not even being used anymore and I just forgot about.