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Problems and improvement with interaction

I’m making a site with interaction, and appeared some problems , I’ll try to remember all :

The website is this :

errors :

1 - The effects fadein on the content is not working on Ipad (chrome and safari)
2 - On some computers (less powerful) the blurry background appears instantly without the effect of fadein. On the first content (ehit logo), its work fine.
3 - Often when I copy a div with some interaction and change the divs inside (or do some mixing of this type ) , error in the animation occurs… But the problem is solved with an F5 .

improvement :

4 - Possibility to change the trigger
5 - Hide animation (instead of deleting , to test preview )
6 - on “affect another element” could function in more than one class at a time. ( instead of doing the animation 2x )
7 - It would be nice affect sub-classes.

for now is that, if I remember more things I put here.

(sorry my poor english)

Thanks for this feedback, Lucas! We appreciate it.

I can tell immediately that some of the Fade-In problems are because of Chrome bugs. We’ll see what we can do about those, and will update you when we’ve made progress!

Hi again @lucaspchara,

I found a workaround for the fade-in bug for Google Chrome. If you add the following to your </body> custom code, it should force the elements to fade in properly even when they have a fixed background image.

    // Webflow chrome fixed background IX workaround
    if ( tram.config.fallback = true;

As for the iOS fade-in issues, we do not support scroll triggers on iOS because Apple has not provided support for this feature. Below is the disclaimer in the Apple docs that describes why we cannot rely on browser scrolling (a.k.a. pan gestures) on iOS.

Hope that helps!

I have this problem too. However I am not so tech savvi. How and where do I add this code? Can’t seem to edit code in Webflow.

Hey @juliekaye01, to add this code you need to go to configuration of your site and go to "Custom code"

Them, add the code here:

For me, this work fine, thanks @danro!

Thank you that is just what I needed to know :slight_smile: