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Taxes are Simply Incorrect

I’m working on, which was built by another person, but we’re trying to get him at least stable and operational by the end of the day. There are so many issues with the e-commerce platform, but the main thing preventing us right now from being able to launch is that the automatic tax calculation is simply wrong, and I can’t find a way to manually set our own tax rate. Tax Jar thinks his tax rate should be 5.975%, but in reality the rate should be 8.23%. There’s no way for us to add this, and putting tax into the price means that every state except MO will be “paying” for taxes and see a higher price than they need to pay, which will mean less conversions.

Any help on this front would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Is the product level tax class correctly set? If so contact support…

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HammerOz, thank you for responding. I believe it is, but Webflow doesn’t have a lot of documentation on “correctly” setting taxes, and this client’s business address is a bit obscure. He has a farm, so it’s on a state highway, and I don’t think the tax calculation is able to properly locate his address. I’ve tried tweaking it, and now it says for every product that shipping isn’t available. Who in their right mind would think automatic calculations with no option to manually input tax would be a good idea? It blows my mind.

Yep, manual would be good. I don’t have experience in US tax so hopefully someone on the ground over their chimes in. Contact support.

This is interesting