Probleme with wrong SEO title


It’s been long time my website displays on google with “Logo” on the front of the title name.
It is actually not even the right Title tag, this seems to be a title front the beginning when I started to design the website (last year).

I don’t understand where it takes this. How can I make sure this doesn’t happen?

Thank you!

Whats your H1 on the page?

Sometimes Google will display this instead of the meta title

if the H1 is right then I would just get Google to crawl your site again - they might just be out of date

Thank you for your answer.

The H1 is
“Une agence créative intégrée à votre équipe à coût mensuel fixe.”

How do I force Google to crawl the website?
I’m pretty sure Google have crawled my website many times and never changed this. This is from the first time I uploaded the website last year.

You need “Google Search Console” to set that up you will need access to your DNS records.

Once setup you can see a bunch of different metrics about how Google has indexed your site.

You can also ask them to recrawl your site or specific pages.

The Title Tag under SEO settings is the title Google will generally use. However in your case you have some form of redirect setup to route languages so it’s anyone’s guess which version of the page googlebot is being routed to.

Make sure to check the title tag on all the variations of that page to ensure it’s suitable for display.

Thanks a lot, you helped me realize Weglot was the problem here…

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