Issue with my meta content not displaying correctly


I have an issue with my meta content not displaying when doing research for the website. Google decides to take information from the website homepage that is not relevant in searches making my website not visible when users makes search for it.

Here is the website live that I’m working on: website link

Here is the read only link: read only

When inspecting the website the meta is displayed correctly

Since I don’t see the website when doing a research as a client, I looked on google by doing site: and that’s when i realised that the meta content displaying is the opening hours (see pic below) and when I type the name of the site + “heures d’ouvertures” the website comes up on the second page of google.

I’m having issue to find a way to change the meta content displayed by google to the one I want to display?

The website is verified on GSC and I uploaded the sitemap.xml as well to speed up the indexing process. Tried removing the opening hour component from the homepage, published it and resubmitted the sitemap with success but the issue persisted to i rolled back to the original as I need the opening hours.

Thanks for the help

You can’t change what Google decides to show, only give it pointers with your page content, alt tags, meta description and HTML title. Google shows users what it thinks they want based on intent.

There is plenty of content by Google on this subject available at Google Search Central (formerly Webmasters) | Web SEO Resources  |  Google Developers