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Google Search Results Don't Match Homepage Title

Hi there everyone!

I am having an issue with my homepage title tag not matching the Google title for my website. I have already crawled the page multiple times using Google Search Console and waited weeks to see a change. Any help is much appreciated.

Read-only link:

Current Google Search Title:

Google has ranked your page based on the H1 and meta title. You probably had that alt description on your logo so It used that when searching your brand name. It’s up to you to provide the pointers.

Hi Jeff,

I thought that was the case and removed any Alt Text from my logo and set it to decorative just to be sure. But it is still coming up. It may be on the side of Google.

With billions of web pages in the index you can’t expect refreshes on your time. You can get a insight on how frequently Google might update its index for your site based on the crawl frequency. At least if someone searches your brand you show up now. Good luck.