problem with the width of my page

Hello everyone
I have a problem with the width of my page.
whenever I post them on I get a scrollbar for the width. means she is too wide.
I do not understand why! It consists of three sections and I have made one invisible after the other and the error persists. except when I put all the sections blind, then i dont get the issue. speak the error must be present in every single section. I don’t get it. I need help.
I know the page with the lines is a bit tinkered but that suits me.
The site is still under construction and only as a desktop version at this moment. thank you in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hello @ramon_michael,

I noticed you set the width of your sliders (Slider 2) to 1112px which is not responsive.
Instead try to put a relative unit like 100vw and you can add some max-width (1112px if you want) to limit the size on larger screen.

Might it be your issue generating the scrollbars?

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Thank you @Maximosaurus for your help. I found out! It was located at Div Block 13 in section 2. Your approach with the 100VW has led me on the right track but I did the opposite. very strange. Div Block 13 had 100VW and when I set the width to 1112px it was ok. I do not know why but I’m very happy that it fits now. Thanks again and have a nice day. Without your suggestion, I probably would not have tried this;) Greetings!

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