Site is wider than the viewport

Hey guys, look at my site, I´d just set to section with block display and 100VW, but for a reason that I dont get it the width scroll is wider (it gets out from the viewport), even though the two divs have 100 vw. Here is the sample

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello @GermanMartin2017,

I don’t see your problem, it didn’t get out of my viewport, did you fix it already?

No @Pablo_Cortes , look what I mean (width scroll)

It doesn’t happen to me @GermanMartin2017

Maybe you can share your read only link and I can see what you are talking about better.

sure @Pablo_Cortes Webflow - Test Width
but it seems not to be a big deal, as you can see there is no so much code put in it.

Yeah you are right it seem pretty straight forward @GermanMartin2017, I was looking for some unwanted margins on the sections or the body. I would say that maybe it is your browser, I tested on chrome and safari and did not find any issues. What browser are you using?

@Pablo_Cortes I´ve only tested on chrome, but two different computers. But sadly in the other one happens the same.

That is so weird @GermanMartin2017, I don’t get the issue on my computer at all. So what you mean is that when you scroll down there is some side scrolling going on? or that when you scroll down you have a white space showing up on the right side? You don’t mean that when you forward slide your site a line appears, right? because if that is the case all websites do that. Let me know.

@Pablo_Cortes what I mean is from the beginning there is a side scrolling, although both div sections are set with 100 vw

Yes that is what I thought @GermanMartin2017, I was just double checking. Try this, set your width to auto and see if still have the side scrolling. Elements displayed on block take the full available width so Im wondering if that is the issue, that is not necessary to state 100vw since it would do it anyway because it is display block, maybe?. Let me know how it goes.

@Pablo_Cortes buddy you´re just the webflow (css) master, thanks. Width set it in auto fix the problem

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That is awesome @GermanMartin2017, I’m glad it worked out. Do you mind marking the issue as solved? that way if someone has the same issue in the future they can reference to this conversation. Good luck on your website, remember that the community is the best way to bring up any issues you might have in the future and to stay updated to all the things Webflow can offer. Take care.