Problem with swiper codepen

Hi Jeff, would you mind helping me with a codepen I can’t implement as well? i have tried asking in the forum, several YouTube videos and converting the CSS to CSS, but nothing works and i probably i am doing a basic step wrong, it is driving me nuts. here is the link in case you have the time:


What exactly is not working?

when i recreate the HTML in webflow, apply the CSS (both natively in webflow or adding it to the custom code section and then when I apply the custom javascript to the custom code section of the page nothing happens on the published site. i can recreate it and share it if it is easier to check out what is not working compared to the codepen, thanks a lot for replying!

Your HTML, CSS and JS all look pretty vanilla so they should transfer well without any pre-compilation requirements.

Make sure you’re including the libraries as well-

At the top-right of each of the 3 codepen sections you’ll see a gear icon. Click that to see any special settings or library references you need, like this one-