Problem with embedding a SwipeJS slider from codepen

I need to integrate a diagonal slider I found on into a website. I gave it a few of my own tweaks to it, it is working fine there on codepen but not on Webflow for some reason which I cannot figure out.
This is the intended behavior and layout I am looking for:

Here is how it looks after publishing: Slider
Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - BAJC)

What is it that is not working the way you want?
The published site matches the codepen pretty closely except for some styling choices like the background, and I notice your Next button is a bit funky.

A few things-

  • Your codepen is using Babel and SCSS. Webflow can’t. Make sure in Webflow you’re using actual JS and CSS.
  • Everything about swiperjs is in their API docs, read through those configs and examples. It’s quite feature rich so there is a lot there.
  • You have something setup wrong that is generating an error-


Which points to a function in your page code;