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Anchor links with fullpage.js

I’m trying to implement fullpage.js into my site and while the scroll affect works fine now the anchor links don’t.
I followed the suggestions of this thread:

My 4 sections all have IDs: section1 to section4
also they have the custom attribute: data-anchor=s1
my anchors are linked to the sections
also they have the custom attribute: data-menuanchor=s1
in my custom code I have this:
anchors: [‘s1’, ‘s2’, ‘s3’, ‘s4’],

Chrome console doesnt show any errors
note: when you click on a link of a section directly
it takes you there, but not when you use the menu

The only thing I’m unsure if it’s done correctly is the active class, could that be a reason of i not working?

Last time @samliew @codeGeek & @Michael_Messina got it solved I believe so if any of you guys could take a look that would be much appreciated.

Live Site: