Problem with scrolling to a section

I’m having a problem linking to a section. The actual function works, when I press the button it takes me to the correct section, but the content is cut off. I tried a few different things.

I made the navigation sticky, and gave a relative position but that didn’t work. I also tried giving it top margin, but that didn’t work either.

I would really appreciate is someone could give me a solution.

Readlink: Webflow - Striver

Thanks! Soul

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I don’t see a link on your site that jumps down to a section

Hey there!

Making the Navbar fixed, wrapping it in a div and giving that div a header tag should solve this issue. Not only should this solve the problem. Besides solving this issue, it COULD also improve structure.

How to select header tag by Alessia:

All of the menu items jump to a specific section. When you scroll down and then click the about link, when it scrolls to the link, it cuts off the content.

I tried that, but no joy. I made the about section relative and gave it a top position of 100px.

Actually, I took it out of the div block, and just tagged the navbar component as header and that did the trick. Thats for the assist!

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