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Problem with pointing registrar servers to webflow

Hello everyone.
I have a customer in Mexico, which his domain is registered at Telmex company. Until today his hosting as well.
Telmex does not give you the option to change the records by yourself, so I managed to create the necessary A and CNAME records (pointing to Webflow) and asked them to delete the existing A records.
This was 3 days ago and the website is offline and at the managing interface I can still see the old A records.
There are also NS records pointing to their servers. Should I ask them to delete those as well?
Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you,

There are 3 records you need,
2 A racords according to Webflow instructions
1 CNAME record with www pointing to Webflow sssl according to webflow instructions,

All other A and CNAME records must deleted.

The provider will have a minimum of to NS records pointing to theit name servers

@JanneWassberg these 3 records are exactly what I added and asked the provider to delete all other A and CNAME records. The NS should stay, right?

@Naama that is correct



NS1 According to regisrar
NS2 According to registrar

Thats all

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