Problem with OG image in LinkedIn

Hi friends,
this is my first post (I apologize in advance with my English)

Before starting I show you how I have configured the OG image in Webflow (also the image is png (just in case svg was not compatible)):

I have read a post from months ago but I can’t solve this problem:
Sharing my website link on LinkedIn does not generate any image

In some of the post they commented to change the link of the web and put “/? 1” or “/ latest” but none of this seems to work.

After that I saw in the post inspector of LinkedIn that it does not find that there is an image og:

I have also read that it is advisable to use facebook debug (Sharing Debugger - Facebook for Developers) and although it is not for facebook I wanted to solve the problem, and surprise! If you read the image, both the facebook tool and a post:

But on LinkedIn it’s still not working properly

If anyone can help me it would be great
Thank you very much to everybody for reading!

Hey @Victor_G_Hidalgo , I have showcase two webflow websites on my LinkedIn and it has pulled the OG image. Bear in mind, it takes longer for LinkedIn to scrap and receive your OG image for some reason. Took me almost a week for mine to update.

In a week, I re-added the link and pulled in the latest OG image.

Mmmmmmm… I’ve been waiting but it still doesn’t work … I think I haven’t done anything wrong because it works fine on facebook so I guess it’s a matter of time … I don’t know