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Open graph image not working

Im trying to get my site to publish an opengraph image on linkedin and have tried a bunch of different things to no avail. Im created an image in the 1.91:1 ratio and put it on a separate page, copying the url into the opengraph images url field on the home page.

The preview in webflow works, however both linkedin and facebook do not work. I have alos tried using the facebook debug tool and had the following response:

What can i do to get this image working? I’ll be grateful for any help :slight_smile:

add url. 1-3 errors - not related to the image + Also this is not related to ratio. The url should be “full” (not www.blabla but https://blabla…") + maybe clear cache (and add “s” not http but https) — Again you must add URL but the topic related to the link you copy-paste

Thanks for the advice, here is a screenshot of the current settings to clarify things a little more. As you can see it currently is a https:// url which doesn’t seem to be working. So far i’ve been using a url by opening up the image in a separate tab and copying and pasting that one, let me know if there was a better way to add the url.

Hey guys i think i found the issue. Essentially Linkedin updates its cache every 7 days. So it looks like thats why it still isn’t updating. Thanks for your help everyone