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Map Address Issue

Anyone encounter this ???

Map Widget

On Mac… it cuts off the Map Tool Tip… so “Service Area” becomes “Service”

On Win… it cuts off and displays up/down arrows ?.. so “Service Area” becomes “Service” and has 2 up/down arrows you can scroll to see “Area”

Discovered issue initially when map was inside column <- row <- container <-section
so moved to section -> map to test… same issue.


Have not had this issue with Map tool in past.

Hi @Revolution, I am not able to reproduce this, see my screenshot:

Could you check if you are still seeing some strange things?

Cheers, Dave

Thanks for responding @cyberdave

Here’s a video… adding a map widget to current project… same issue

Here’s a video… brand new project… newly created… issue starts from the get go.

I have tested this from 2 different Mac Mini’s, a Mac Pro, and a Win 8 system.

I can replicate this from all 4 computers… 3 different OS’s… all Chrome freshly (current)

Still working to figure this out… strange issue :frowning:

I am having the same issue! Did you ever figure anything out?

no… still having the problem :frowning: